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The Miniature Schnauzer

The Schnauzer is the only breed known to take its name from one ofits kind to win a prize at the 1879 International Show in Hanover. The winner of the wire-haired Pincher class was a dog called 'schnauzer' and thus the present day name of the breed. The rough coated German Pincher took the name from the famous dog of the day @schnauz' which means beard or muzzle.

The Mini comes in three recognised colours (2010\0 by the Kennel Club GB
1: Pepper & Salt - the hairs should be banded ie. half white and half grey
2: Black & Silver - Solid Black and defined Silver, beared, eyebrows, furnishing
3: Black - Solid Black all over
4: Whites - Which should be a solid colour with cream hair ends

The coat of the show dog is harsh and wiry defining the colours to the best advantage taking time as the coat needs to be hand stripped and rolled regulary to keep neat and harsh. Pets are often clipped on an average every 8weeks, this will take away the harsh texture leaving the soft undercoat, the clipped coat is much easier to maintain, but the coat will turn a paler shade.
As a non moulting breed they can be good for some peole who suffer from allergies to dogs, but do spend some indoor time with the breed before deciding to purchase a puppy to make sure that it is the correct breed for you.

Mini Schanzuers make ideal family pets. They are an intelligent breeed which makes them easy to train and very adaptable. They don't need a huge amount of excerise but do need enough to keep healthy both physically and mentally. A daily walk or a good controlled run in the park will be adequate. Interaction with their owner, playing games and obedience training will make your relationship a lot more pleasing. Many people enjoy agility with their mini schnauzers, so higher levels of fitness is achievable, great for you and your dog.

PRA, progressive retinal atrophy and cataract, both congenital and hereditary occur in the mini schnauzer. Every endeavour should be taken to eradicate such problems from the breed. EYE TESTING should always be carried out annually, especially before mating both Sir & Dam. Puppies can be tested for congenital hereditary congenital juvenile cataracts (CC or CJC) form of cataracts around 6-8 weeks old. All miniature schnauzers should be litter screened as puppies.
Before purchasing a puppy check that it has a clear eye certificate which you should receive a copy of with your contract of purchase and puppy pack. Ask to see a copy of the parents certs.

Family Pet, Companion
Show Dog
Agility Competitor

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